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Moving Head Spot Fixture with 200W LED Source, Motorized Focus, Motorized Zoom, Rotating/Replaceable Gobos, 8 Colors, and 2 Prism Wheels

Compact and Powerful Moving-head Spotlight

The new ADJ Focus Spot 4Z is the top of the range of their popular moving-head Focus Series. Boasting some serious power, the 4Z comes equipped with a powerful 200-watt cool white LED with motorized focus and zoom functions. This light is capable of creating mind-blowing light shows thanks to its six rotating and replaceable gobos, eight intense colors plus white, and its two incredible prism wheels. Because the Focus Spot 4Z is specially designed for temporary installations or fixed installations like nightclubs, churches, and stages, it has a footprint of less than a square foot and weighs just 23 lbs. With an incredible amount of power for such a small footprint, the Focus Spot 4Z is a seriously versatile spotlight for all applications.

Equally suited to ceilings high and low

The Focus Spot 4Z’s powerful cool white LED engine allows it to perform in venues where the ceiling is high above the stage with no problem at all. Its motorized focus and 11- to 22-degree adjustable beam angle also make the 4Z a perfect choice for venues that have lower ceilings or longer projection distances. The 4Z’s motorized focus allows you to create beautifully sharp and compelling projections, no matter what the projection distance is. Sweetwater’s team of lighting experts love to use the Focus Spot 4Z’s incredibly smooth 16-bit 0–100% dimmer between songs and during instrument switches.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated lighting engineer at your venue, you can use the pre-programmed light shows for a show your audience won’t soon forget.

Independent color and gobo wheels for almost unlimited potential

The 4Z is equipped with a gobo wheel that holds six removable and rotatable aluminum gobos. The rotating gobos come with indexed rotation that allows for precise orientation of logos, lines, and designs. To give you even more expression options, the independent color wheel has eight colors (plus white) that can be used in conjunction with the gobo wheel. And if that’s still not enough for you, then the Focus Spot 4Z is equipped with two rotatable prism settings — a 5-facet linear prism and 6-facet circular prism. Each prism is indexed and rotatable at custom speeds, which lets you choose how subtle or impactful your visual effects are.

ADJ Focus Spot 4Z Moving-head Spotlight Features:

  • Motorized focus
  • Motorized zoom: 11–22 degrees plus 16-bit fine zoom
  • 2 prism FX: rotating 5-facet linear and rotating 6-facet circular
  • 16-bit 0-100% smooth dimming
  • Variable speed strobing
  • Gobo shake and color-split features allow for even greater creative expression
  • USB firmware update port
  • Omega bracket
  • Safety cable
  • Locking powerCON
  • Color LCD display with 6-button functional menu

Tech Specs

  • Type: Moving Head Spot
  • DMX: 3-pin XLR In/Out
  • DMX Modes: 16, 18, 22 Channels
  • LED: 1 x 200W
  • LED Type: Cool White
  • Illuminance: 36,113 lux @ 2m
  • Pan & Tilt: Pan – 540°/630° ; Tilt – 270°
  • Power Consumption: 230W @ 120V
  • Power Supply: PowerCon AC In/Out
  • Height: 18″
  • Width: 10.97″
  • Depth: 7.15″
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FOC200


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