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1.5″ Wrap-around Tube Truss Clamp for Attaching Lighting Fixtures

Attach More Lights to Your Truss

You can add more lighting fixtures to your truss with security and confidence, with the ADJ O-Clamp 1.5 truss clamp. The O-Clamp 1.5 has a 1.5″ diameter, and boasts a non-scuffing, non-scratching, non-scoring, and non-denting design – which means your truss will last a lot longer than it would if you used lesser-quality lighting clamps. So add more lights to your rig the right way, with the ADJ O-Clamp 1.5 truss clamp.

ADJ O-Clamp 1.5 Truss Clamp Features:

  • Clamp for attaching light fixture to lighting truss
  • 1.5″ diameter
  • Non-denting design helps extend the lifespan of your truss, while holding your lights securely
  • Will not scuff or scratch your truss
  • Quantity: 1 clamp

Add more lights to your rig with confidence with the ADJ O-Clamp 1.5 truss clamp!

Tech Specs

  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer Part Number: O-CLAMP/1.5