AT-0142 Medium Duty Lighting Crank Stand Set of 2



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AT-014 Medium Duty Lighting Crank Stand with T Bar.

When you need a professional quality lighting crank stand that’s easy to transport and simple to set up, you need a AUVI Truss .

AT-0142 Medium Duty Lighting Crank Stand Built like a tank, this thing can support loads up to 132 lbs (60 kg), allowing you to elevate truss, lights, effects, speakers, video gear, and beyond up to 13 ft (4 m) above the audience’s head. The fully-extended 63″ (1.6 m) base span provides unrivaled stability for this sturdy build. Despite its power, this stand weighs in at only 55 lbs (24.94 kg), making transportation a breeze with any small equipment cart/dolly. The AT-014 also comes with a square tube T-Bar that will accommodate 4 fixtures that can be attached with the included bolts, nuts, and washers. The AT-0142 Medium Duty Lighting Crank Stand is unrestricted in its applications, ideal for light jockeys, mobile DJs, bands, festivals, hotels, schools, bars, clubs, trade shows, and beyond.

Key Product Specifications:

  • Maximum Height 13.2F
  • Maximum Vertical Load 220Lb
  • Unit Weight 55Lb
  • Includes Square T-Bar