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Flicker-free 50W LED Fresnel Spot/Wash Lighting Fixture with 17- to 50-degree Manual Zoom, DMX Control, D-Fi USB Compatibility, Gel Holder, and 4-section Barn Doors

Professional LED Fresnel Defies Tradition

It wasn’t long ago that if you suggested that someday LED fresnels would gain a toehold in the world of professional lighting, your average ME would have laughed you off the stage. Fixtures such as Chauvet’s EVE F-50Z have more than rocked that boat — they’ve changed the rules. Producing 4,780 lumens (at 2m/17-degrees) via a single 50-watt warm white LED, the EVE F-50Z easily competes with traditional models. Two DMX settings let you choose between simple dimming or advanced functions such as strobe and master/slave chaining. And Chauvet even outfitted the EVE F-50Z with a D-Fi USB port for easy wireless control.

D-Fi USB port supports wireless DMX

When power isn’t an issue but running DMX cables is, D-Fi USB is a serious asset. The EVE F-50Z features a special USB port that accepts a Chauvet D-Fi USB transceiver. This transceiver lets your EVE F-50Z receive wireless DMX from your D-Fi hub or even your smartphone (if you add a FlairCon Air to your rig). What’s more, you can create master/slave links between D-Fi equipped lighting fixtures, allowing you to set up sophisticated, automated light shows without even touching a DMX controller or running a single DMX cable.

Go green and turn down the heat with LEDs

Chauvet is one of the first companies to make reliable high-output LED lighting fixtures, such as the EVE F-50Z, widely available. As a US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certified company, Sweetwater really gets the value in LED fixtures. In fact, LED lighting fixtures draw just a tenth (or less) the wattage of similar incandescent fixtures, which pays off at the meter and turns down the heat.

For installs, the lower electrical bills are a nice bonus, and the savings quickly add up. Touring light techs appreciate not having to wait for the lights to cool down before loading up. And of course, everyone benefits from the lower ambient heat onstage and in the rest of the venue. Burned-out gels and overheating are also on the list of heat-related issues you’ll never have to face when you go with an LED lighting fixture like the EVE F-50Z.

Chauvet’s EVE F-50Z LED Fresnel Lighting Fixture Features:

  • 50-watt LED Fresnel spot/wash lighting fixture for theatrical, music, and video applications
  • Manual zoom from 17 to 50 degrees lets you cover broad areas or focus in on smaller zones
  • 2 DMX modes let you control dimming, dimming speed, and strobe speed
  • D-Fi USB port accepts D-Fi USB transceiver for wireless DMX and master/slave pairing
  • Low heat output means you’ll probably never burn through gels
  • Includes 4-section barn doors and standard gel frame

Tech Specs

  • Type: Par with barn doors
  • DMX: 3-pin XLR In/Out
  • DMX Modes: 1, 3 channels
  • LED: 1 x 50W LED
  • LED Type: Warm White
  • Illuminance: 4,780 lux @ 2m (17°)
  • Beam Angle: 17°, 50°
  • Power Consumption: 60W, 0.5A @ 120V
  • Power Supply: PowerCON in/out
  • Remote: D-Fi USB (sold separately)
  • Height: 11.1″
  • Width: 8.3″
  • Depth: 13″
  • Weight: 8.4 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: EVEF50Z


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