Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP X6 RGBAW+UV Battery Operated LED Par 6-pack with Charging Case



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6 Wireless RGBAW+UV Battery Operated LED Pars LED Lights with Case and Built-in Charger

Wireless LED Uplight 6-pack with Charging Case

The Chauvet Freedom Flex H4 IP lighting fixtures offer cool-running, hex-color LEDs with limitless color mixing capabilities. Now, with this 6-pack offering, you get more of a great thing along with a convenient, rugged case with built-in charger! Take this case loaded with 6 Flex H4 IPs on the road and never worry about losing power to your LEDs. Each H4 IP is IP54-rated for temporary exposure to rain and dust, so you can enjoy dramatic light setups outdoors even in the event of inclement weather. Each fixture is powered by four 10-watt, hex-color (RGBAW+UV) LEDs with a 600′ cast (max unobstructed distance) for high visibility on stages and at attractions and events. Greater control is yours via the Chauvet DJ’s FlareCON system (not included) and mobile apps; integrated adjustable kickstands and glare shields equip these lights for virtually any lighting environment.

Up to 20 hours per charge

The included 6 Flex batteries run each of the Freedom Flex H4 IPs for up to 8 hours with color mixing and up to 20 hours using single colors. And with the built-in charger case, you can simultaneously charge additional batteries (sold separately) while you run your H4 IPs.

Onboard D-Fi opens a world of wireless possibility

Onboard D-Fi transceivers allow the Freedom Flex H4 IP receive wireless signals from your D-Fi hub or smartphone using the Chauvet FlareCON system (not included). For the ultimate in portability and convenience, Sweetwater lighting professionals stand behind the Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP setup and are especially excited about this 6-pack offering!

Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP X6 6-Pack RGBAW+UV Battery Operated LED Par w/ Charging Case Features:

  • Case with built-in charging capabilities keep your LEDs working for the show
  • 8 hours (color mixing) to 20 hours (single color) of battery life per charge
  • 6 hex-color LEDs (RGBAW+UV) offer limitless color mixing
  • IP 54 rated for protection against sand, rain drizzle, and light sleet/snow
  • Onboard D-Fi wireless transceiver is compatible with D-Fi hubs or the FlareCON system — each sold separately
  • Works in master/slave with all Freedom PARs
  • Integrated glare shields reduce light spillage
  • Compact design — fixtures fit easily inside sticks of Chauvet Trusst trussing

Tech Specs

  • Type: Par
  • DMX: D-Fi
  • DMX Modes: 6, 8, 12 Channels
  • LED: 4 x 10W (FreeFlex H4)
  • LED Type: RGBAW+UV
  • Illuminance: 2163 lux @ 2m
  • Beam Angle: 23°
  • Remote: IRC-6 remote
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable internal batteries, in-case 6-bay charger
  • Height: 11.81″
  • Width: 19.22″
  • Depth: 20.95″
  • Weight: 96 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FREEDOMFLEXH4IPX6


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