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LINEAR 5 112 FA – Active full-range speaker

The active 12″/1″ full-range top is incredibly powerful with its 1,000 watts of power. The switchable frequency adjustment means the full-range speaker for small to medium-sized rooms can be transformed into a powerful top for LINEAR basses in no time at all.

The asymmetrical, rotatable constant directivity horn (60°-90° x 55°) ensures a wide sound distribution at close range as well as broad coverage.

Whether standalone or in combination with the basses in the LINEAR SUB series, the LINEAR 5 112 FA is a flexible, extremely powerful and thus economical speaker for bands, DJs, schools and clubs.

  • Active, powerful full-range top
  • High amplifier output of 1,000 W class D bi-amped
  • Balanced, high-resolution sound
  • High sound pressure of 135 dB SPL for sound applications with up to 500 people
  • Integrated EQ switch (High Power, Small Venue)
  • Asymmetrical horn (60°-90° x 55°), rotatable
  • No fatigue during listening thanks to low distortion factor
  • Simple acoustic control of the system, even from the stage
  • Accurate PA focus, reducing reflections from walls and ceilings
  • Application: Top, standalone system
  • High-quality 12″ speaker with 2.5″ voice coil
  • Perfect combination options with the LINEAR SUB L SUB 1200 A, 2000 A and L SUB 4000 A subwoofers


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