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LINEAR 5 112 XA – Active multifunctional speaker

The LINEAR 5 112 XA is an active multifunctional speaker optimized for voice reproduction in the frequency range from 100 hertz upwards and therefore ideal for use as an active top for high ranges.

Since these applications do not require a high level of deep bass, HK Audio has cut down on cabinet volume in the design and developed a clever, compact multifunctional cabinet: Thanks to the slanted cabinet shape and the 60° x 40° CD horn for optimized, directional dispersion, the speaker also acts as an amazingly powerful stage monitor with low feedback.

The professional standards are rounded off by the wooden cabinet, high-quality components and innovative technologies that make the LINEAR 5 from HK Audio the loudest speaker family in its class. The LINEAR 5 112 XA also proudly bears the label “Made in Germany”.

  • Active multifunctional speaker for use as a front PA or monitor
  • High amplifier output of 1,000 W class D bi-amped
  • Balanced, high-resolution sound
  • High sound pressure of 136 dB SPL for sound applications with up to 500 people
  • EQ switch for switching between flat and monitor operation
  • Rotatable CD horn with 60° x 40° dispersion
  • No fatigue during listening thanks to low distortion factor
  • Simple acoustic control of the system, even from the stage
  • Accurate PA focus, reducing reflections from walls and ceilings
  • Roadworthy hybrid cabinet
  • High-quality 12″ speaker with 2.5″ voice coil
  • Perfect combination options with the LINEAR SUB L SUB 1200 A, 2000 A and L SUB 4000 A subwoofers


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