Midas M32 LIVE 40-channel Digital Mixer



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Midas M32 LIVE 40-channel Digital Mixer

The Midas M32 digital console is equipped with a wide range of features to enhance your mixing experience. Previously costly tools are now more affordable, making professional sound quality accessible to all. Known for their clean sound, Midas preamps have been a staple in the industry for decades. The 10-year warranty provides peace of mind for buyers.

Featuring 32 Midas microphone pre-amplifiers, the M32 guarantees top-notch sound quality. These preamps are renowned in the industry for their transparent and dynamic sound. The console also boasts Midas Pro Series faders that are durable and reliable, able to withstand over 1 million cycles each. Their fast and precise movement makes mixing a breeze.

The M32’s easy flow interface allows for intuitive and creative mixing. With a 100-band Real Time Analyzer on all channels, buses, and EQs, monitoring and controlling frequencies is a simple task. The high-resolution RTA provides a detailed analysis of audio across 100 frequency bands over time, making it easier than ever to achieve optimal sound quality. Available at FM Electronics.


Midas M32 Live Mixer Features:

  • 32 XLR Inputs with Midas preamps
  • 16 XLR outputs
  • 25 Mix buses
  • 8 DCA and 6 Mute groups
  • 8 Stereo effects
  • 40-Bit floating point DSP
  • 25 x 100 mm Motor fader
  • 7″ Color display
  • 32×32 USB Audio Interface
  • DAW remote control
  • Wireless Remote Control via IOS App
  • Dimensions: 891 x 607 x 256 mm
  • eight: 24.5 kg
  • Includes DN32-Live Recording and Playback Card



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