Neutrik NAC3FCB powerCON Cable Connector

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Rugged, Durable, Dependable

The Neutrik NAC3FCB powerCON cable connector is a locking 3 conductor AC connector. Much like a speakON connector, you insert the NAC3FCB PowerCon connector into a chassis connector, twist, then lock. This power-out connector is keyed specifically to avoid intermating. Here at Sweetwater, we appreciate how rugged this connector is. You’ll find it perfect for applications that demand durability and a reliable power connection.

Note: You should never mate any twist-lock power connectors under load.

Neutrik NAC3FCB powerCON Connector Features:

  • Power-out connector
  • Locking design delivers secure and reliable power connection
  • Twist lock latching system is fast and easy to use
  • 2-component bushing provides extra kink protection


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