AUVI PROD Power Distribution Center 250Amp

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AUVI PROD Power Distribution Center 250A. The AV-CC250 is Ideal for, Live Event, motion Picture, Theater, Tv/ Film Production, Worship Venues, Convention Centers, Rentals o Mobil Stage applications.

100% rated, electronic main and magnetic branch circuit breakers eliminates worry of thermal tripping.


• Power Input: 5P 200A/400A,380V~

Main Breaker: 250 Amp

• 24x120A Edison Output

• 2x Multi-socket output

• Each output has LED indicator lights

• Each output has breaker Overcurrent Protection: (24) 20 Amp, 2 Pole branch rated circuit breakers

• Multi-function power meter

• Double layer earthproof flflightcase with mute wheel

• With back illuminate LED lights

• Flightcase with label parts

• Flightcase Black color

• Size:62x71x88cm / 24″ x 27″ x 34

• Weight:60KG / 132 Lbs


Only power box, cable is sold by separate


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