ProX T-P2-4X4 2 Unloaded Rack Panel



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ProX T-P2-4X4 2 Unloaded Rack Panel

Create your personal patch panel by using four D-Style (XLR) chassis mount connectors and four NL4 Speakon or NAC3 Power Connection connectors. Our blank panel enables you to personalize your setup and interchange any connector yourself. You can make use of DBA filler plates to hide empty slots. The panel suits those who need simple access to their I/O ports whether in stationary or movable settings. Available at FM Electronics.


Pro X T-P2-4X4 2 Features:

​​ProX has a history of creating high-quality cables, connectors, plugs, and various other components to allow users to maximize the utility and durability of their mobile gear.

2RU Panel
Black Textured Power Coated Panel
Punched to work with any D-Series chassis connectors and NAC3 or NL4 connectors


Weight 4 lbs


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