ProX XC-T10 Cable Tie Hook & Loop 10 Pack



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ProX XC-T10 Cable Tie Hook & Loop 10 Pack

Introducing ProX Brand Self-Attaching Hook and Loop Cable Ties, the perfect solution for keeping your spaces tidy and organized indoors or outdoors. Our adjustable, reusable cable ties feature a strong hook and loop design that easily wraps around wires and keeps them neatly contained. With no more cluttered cords or tangled messes, these one-piece ties make it easy to hide unsightly wiring and keep your setup looking professional. Plus, when you need to remove them, the high-quality hook and loop material makes it simple to do so. Order our (10-pack) of nylon hook and loop cable ties in a convenient size (8″ x 3/4″) to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. Available at DJEshop FM Electronics.


1. Secure to cord by inserting rounded end through hole in strap and pulling tight.
2. Wrap tie around cords and back onto itself to secure.

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