ProX XS-M12 Universal ATA Style Flight Road Case for 12 in. DJ Mixer Black/Chrome

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Providing the ultimate protection for your large-format, 12 in. DJ mixer, the ProX XS-M12 flight case is manufactured with heavy-duty materials for professional use. You depend on your gear to perform at its peak, and this rugged case ensures your mixer stays in peak condition, gig after gig.

Constructed with ProX’s rugged, signature 3/8 in. Gig-Ready Series plywood, the XS-M12 features durable rubber wheels, reinforced steel ball corners, as well as recessed steel padded handles and latches. There is additional space for cables and small accessories in the back and underneath the unit for convenience, as well as a removable front panel for you to access front input jacks easily. The front removable panel allows for easy access to the front controls and headphone/mic jacks.

This ATA-style, road-ready case has a sleek, professional look that is sure to turn heads and make your setup look legit. It’s manufactured with a unique honeycomb-pattern laminated surface design for added good looks and durability. Unlike standard laminated plywood ATA-style cases, ProX’s surface design helps prevent minor to mild scratches.

As if manufacturing high-quality products wasn’t enough, ProX strives to be environmentally friendly as well. The durable hard rubber foams used in ProX cases contain 70% recycled content. Of that 70%, 80% of it comes from recycled plastic bottles and the remaining 20% from recycled post-industrial material.


  • Professional ATA-style flight case
  • Fits standard, large-format 12 in. DJ mixers
  • Rugged build with 3/8 in. laminated plywood walls
  • Reinforced steel ball corners
  • Removable front panel for easy access


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