RCF HDL 10-A Active Line Array Module


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The HDL 10-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set up is a must. The system is powered from a 1400 Watt Peak Power 2 way digital amplifier, sound is processed from a powerful DSP.

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The careful acoustic design, no compromise transducers and a unique composite cabinet design make the HDL 10-A a preferred tool of many professionals.

The system features two powerful state-of-the-art 8 in. RCF transducers with 2 in. voice coils for a solid bass reproduction, and a large-format 2 in. compression driver with 3 in. voice coil to deliver vocal clarity and high definition.

The large format compression driver RCF CD 850 is a key advantage of the HDL10-A. All the vocal range is reproduced from this driver. The system is powered by a 700-Watt Digital Amplifier that packs huge performance with high efficiency into a lightweight solution.

D Line amplifiers deliver ultra fast attack, realistic transient response and impressive audio performance.

The integrated DSP manages crossover, equalization, soft limiter, compressor and user adjustable settings. The processing includes cluster and HF projection correction and special new presets for indoor and high curving situations.

HDL20-A cabinets are molded with a special polypropylene composite material designed to dampen down vibrations even at maximum volume settings. From molding to the final texture, D LINE offers the maximum reliability and strength for the intensive use on the road. The HDL10-A is equipped with two side aluminum handle with rubber handgrip for greater portability.

Speaker configuration
Active/passive: Active
Type: Full range
LF driver: 2 x 8 in. w/2 in. VC
MF driver: N/A
HF driver: 2 x 1.5 in., 3 in. VC
Amplifier class: D
Wattage: 700W RMS 1400 peak
Mixer/preamp: N/A
Frequency response: 65Hz – 20kHz
Coverage pattern: 100° x 15°
Max SPL: 133 dB
XLR: 1
SpeakON: N/A
Cabinet material: Composite
Width: 22.4 in.
Height: 11.5 in.
Depth: 17.1 in.
Weight: 44.9 lb.

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 11 in


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