Shure BLX24R/SM58 Rackmount Wireless Handheld Microphone System



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Shure BLX24R/SM58 Rackmount Wireless Handheld Microphone System

Introducing the Shure BLX24R/SM58, a wireless handheld microphone system designed to deliver high-quality sound, ease of use, and reliable performance. This cost-effective system includes a rugged BLX4R single-channel receiver with an LCD display, adjustable output level, and removable antennas for rackmounting. Perfect for small venues, wedding halls, and houses of worship.

The system features a handheld transmitter equipped with the legendary SM58 cardioid dynamic capsule, a standard for vocalists and announcers. The receiver’s QuickScan feature allows for one-touch frequency selection, ensuring a clear RF channel in case of interference. The system offers up to 14 hours of continuous use with two AA batteries, with a range of up to 300 feet.

The integrated SM58 dynamic capsule features a cardioid polar pattern that minimizes background noise and feedback, delivering warm and clear vocal reproduction. The built-in wind and pop filter reduces plosives for clean and intelligible speech.

The durable BLX2 handheld transmitter is lightweight and ergonomic, with group and channel selection buttons for easy frequency matching. The system also includes an adjustable gain control, on/off button, and black identification cap.

The Shure BLX2 handheld transmitter is available with a variety of mic capsules to adapt to your needs. The BLX1 bodypack transmitter accommodates lavalier, headset, instrument, and earset microphones, allowing you to evolve your system as your needs change.

The BLX4R receiver features a microprocessor-controlled antenna diversity system to improve the quality and reliability of your wireless audio. The unit can be rackmounted with the included hardware, allowing you to position the removable antennas for optimal signal reception. The LCD display shows group and channel settings, metering audio level and signal strength, while an LED indicator keeps you informed of the transmitter’s remaining battery life.

The system offers flexible connectivity options via 1/4″ and XLR connectors with adjustable output level, making it easy to integrate with PA systems and mixing boards. Available at DJEshop FM Electronics.


Shure BLX24R/SM58 Features:

  • For Presenters and Performers
  • SM58 Cardioid Mic/Transmitter
  • Single-Channel Rackmount Receiver
  • 123 Auto-Scan Frequencies
  • Two Removable Antennas with Diversity
  • Adjustable Output Level
  • Rugged Metal Construction
  • 14-Hour AA Batteries
  • Expandable to 12 Mic Channels/300′ Range

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