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The Shure KSM353/ED is a premium bi-directional ribbon microphone crafted for pristine audio in studio and concert hall applications. With a 146 dB max SPL across a 30–15,000 Hz frequency response makes the KSM353/ED ideal for capturing fast transients in vocals, acoustic guitars and drums.

Assembled from state-of-the art transducers, transformers and metals, the KSM353/ED is the pinnacle of Shure quality for prestigious vocal and acoustic performances. Shure’s proprietary Roswellite technology provides revolutionary ribbon resilience and durability under extreme conditions. The high-tensile strength, toughness and shape memory of the KSM353/ED’s Roswellite ribbon material replaces traditional foil ribbons for superior resilience at extreme SPLs.

With unique technology and application features, alongside superior materials and construction, Shure KSM ribbon mics are the go-to choice for the some of the world’s most prestigious studios and stages.


  • Bi-directional polar pattern delivers premier, completely symmetrical audio with superior off-axis rejection
  • Revolutionary Roswellite proprietary ribbon material replaces traditional foil ribbons with high-tensile strength, toughness, and shape memory that provides superior resilience at extreme SPLs
  • Patented custom ribbon motor assembly tailors bass response without attenuating the overall output for full low and mid ranges, and superior upper range presence from a rising frequency response
  • Double-shielded matched full-sized transformer minimizes signal loss and maximizes output while reducing magnetic and RF interference from 90-degree placement, offset relative to the ribbon
  • 146 dB SPL across 30 – 15,000 Hz frequency response ideal for capturing fast transients in vocals, acoustic instruments and concert halls
  • Legendary Shure quality and superior construction from hand-assembly of machined steel, silver, gold and aluminum materials, and housed in a pure stainless steel casing
Frequency Response: 30Hz–15,000Hz

  • : 146 dB

Transducer Type: Roswellite® Ribbon
Directional Polar Pattern

  • : Bidirectional

Output Impedance: Transformer, balanced, actual 330 Ω

  • : Positive pressure on front side of ribbon produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3, pin 1 ground

Sensitivity: (At 1 kHz, open circuit voltage) -53.5 dBV/Pa (2.11 mV/Pa)

Dimensions & Weight

Diameter: 4.83 cm (1.9 in)
Height: 15.75 cm (6.2 in)
Weight: 633 g (1.4 lbs)
Weight: 950 g (2.11 lbs) w/ Shock mount
Connector: Three pin professional audio (XLR) male

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