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The MV5C Home Office Microphone enhances speech audio quality for video conferencing with simple setup. It plugs directly into a MAC or PC with supplied cables via USB, allowing the user to listen through the computer’s built-in speaker, an external speaker or headphone output.


  • Users can speak with confidence that their voice will be heard clearly during virtual pitches, presentations and proposals due to enhanced audio quality.
  • Directional microphone element for increased voice isolation and minimized room reverberation.
  • Different audio modes provided for “set it and forget it” applications
  • Speech Enhancement mode
  • Increased output removes unwanted background noise  to help isolate the voice on audio or video calls.
  • No need for headphones
  • Allows the user to take a break from headphones and listen through the computer’s built-in speaker or an external speaker.
  • MAC and Windows conferencing ready Simplified set-up out-of-the-box.
  • USB compatible – supplied with USB-A and USB-C cables.
  • Fully adjustable detachable stand included
  • Tilt the position of the MV5C to sound great from any seating position.
  • Classic design style fits in premium home office setup.
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2 year warranty on wired mics.
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