Shure RPM626 In-Line Preamp for Shure BETA Series



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The RPM626 is the in-line microphone preamplifier for BETA 91, BETA 98, BETA 98D/S, WL50, WL51, WBH53 (BETA 53), PGA98H, WBH54 (BETA 54) and WB98H/C (BETA 98).


  • Compatible with the following Shure microphones, including BETA 91, BETA 98, BETA 98D/S, WL50, WL51, WBH53 (BETA 53), WBH54 (BETA 54), WB98H/C (BETA 98)
  • In-line preamplifier boosts resistance to RF interference
  • Country of origin: Mexico
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