Traynor YCV4050 Guitar Combo Amplifier 40W 12-Inch Tube



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Traynor YCV4050 Guitar Combo Amplifier 40W 12-Inch Tube

Traynor Amplifiers marks the 20th Anniversary of their iconic YCV40 tube amp with the release of the YCV4050. The YCV40, first introduced in 2000, has become the longest running guitar amp series in Traynor’s 56-year history. The amplifier was released to acclaim, winning the Guitar Player Magazine’s Editor’s Pick in 2001. As the years passed, Traynor continued to develop the YCV40 design, resulting in a series of amps with their own distinct features. The YCV4050 20th Anniversary Edition is a culmination of the most popular aspects of the YCV 40 series from the last 20 years, with the inclusion of a Master Volume control and the option to alternate between Vintage and Modern tones. The amp is crafted in Canada with a 12” Celestion Creamback speaker and hand-selected 12AX7 and 6L6GC tubes. It comes finished in an emerald green leatherette, oatmeal grill, and chicken beak knobs, a distinct style unique to this anniversary edition. The release of the YCV4050 celebrates the iconic legacy of Traynor and reintroduces the amp as a timeless classic. Available at FM Electronics.

Traynor YCV 4050 Guitar Combo Key Features:

  • 40 Watt all-tube combo
  • 12-Inch Celestion™ G12M-65 Creamback speaker
  • Vintage/Modern mode switch
  • Emerald green leatherette finish
  • Long Accutronics spring reverb
  • Separate tone controls on each of the two channels (Lead And Clean)


  • Cabinet Construction all plywood
  • Covering Leatherette
  • Grille Perforated 18-gauge painted steel with cloth covering
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 23.0 inch x 18.5 inch x 9.0 inch / 58.4 x 46.9 x 22.8 cm
  • Weight 45 lbs (20.4 kg)
  • Input Jack 1/4 inch phone jack
  • Send Jack Balanced 1/4 inch TRS (Tip-positive / Ring-negative / Sleeve-ground)
  • Return Jack Unbalanced 1/4 inch phone jack, 10kohms
  • Speaker Jacks Two 1/4 inch phone jacks
  • Footswitch Jack 1/4 inch TRS, accepts a standard, latching dual-footswitch & connecting cable
  • Vacuum Tubes
    • 2 x 6L6 (alt 5881)
    • 3 x 12AX7 (alt 7025A)
    • DC powered filament supply on preamp tubes
  • Bias Supply Adjustable
  • Power Output 50 Watts RMS
  • Speaker 12 inch Celestion® Creamback
  • Channels one lead & one clean channel
  • Input Impedance 1 Meg ohm
  • Tone Controls
    • Separate tone controls on both channels (Treble, Bass, & Middle)
    • Master Volume and Reverb on Master Section
  • Reverb Accutronics  long-reverb with dual-springs
  • Power Supply Fully regulated


Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 9 in


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