JBL 2408H-2 Factory Replacement Driver for 5020337X



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JBL 2408H-2 Factory Replacement Driver for 5020337X

The JBL 2408H-2 is a replacement high frequency driver designed for use in several JBL full-range speakers.

  • JBL Factory Speaker 2408-2 Driver Part # 5020337X
  • This is a complete brand new JBL 2408H-2 driver
  • 1-3/8 thread on
  • Size: 2.5″  (64mm) wide x 2″ (51mm) tall
  • This unit does not have a replaceable diaphragm, you must replace the entire driver
  • This unit is not the same as the 2408H (please check your model)
  • This driver fits the speaker models in the listing title and the following other models:
  • Includes all JBL speakers shown below
    • AC195
    • AC195-WH
    • AC266
    • AC266-WH
    • AC299
    • AC299-WH
    • AC566
    • AC566-WH
    • AC599
    • AC599-WH
    • PRX700 Series full-range speakers:
      • PRX712
      • PRX715
      • PRX725
      • PRX735
    • PRX800 Series full-range speakers:
      • PRX812W
      • PRX815W
      • PRX825W
      • PRX835W


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