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F4L QD is a safe, water-based fluid that comes in a 4-liter container and is approved by the FDA. A material safety data sheet is available under the “DOCUMENTATION” tab above.

F4L QD Quick-dissipating Fog Fluid from ADJ gives your set CO2-like effects without all the extra expense of adding a CO2 fixture to your rig. Simply pour this liquid into a your fog machine, and you’ll get amazing clouds of fog that vanish almost as quickly as they appear! This water-based formula produces thick clouds without leaving any residue behind. So, if you want to add a CO2 effect to your show but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to do it, ADJ’s F4L QD Quick-dissipating Fog Fluid will do the job

ADJ’s F4L QD is specially formulated for quick dissipation following it’s projection out of a fog machine. It’s designed to work like a CO2 effect when used with the ADJ VF Volcano, Fog Fury Jett and Fog Fury Jett Pro (all sold separately). When used with one of ADJ’s vertical fog machines, it’s a great, cost effective alternative to expensive CO2.


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