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Introducing the ProX KT-SQ656TOTEMTCX2 K-Truss Lightweight 6.56 Square Truss Totem Pair -Full Package , which comes complete with a Top Plate and Base Plate. This comprehensive truss totem package is designed to make your life easier when it comes to creating durable and impressive stage and lighting setups. Whether you’re looking to mount Moving-Heads, LED Par cans, Lighting Bars, or other equipment, this lightweight K-Truss totem has got you covered.

What makes this package even more versatile is its compatibility with most popular truss brands. You can seamlessly integrate it with our standard F34 Truss as non-structural truss sections*, opening up a world of creative possibilities for your stage and lighting designs.

This package is particularly well-suited for Mobile DJs and Stage Designers who desire an all-in-one, hassle-free solution for their rugged totem stand needs. With the ProX KT-SQ656TOTEMTCX2 K-Truss 6.56 Lightweight Square Truss Totem Full Package, you can elevate your stage presence and lighting effects with confidence and ease.

Introducing the ProX 6.56 Square Truss Totem Pair – a complete package for easy and durable stage and lighting setups, accommodating various equipment.



(2) ProX 6.56ft  Economy Light-Structural Aluminum Truss

(2) ProX 12*12 Truss Plate

(2) ProX 24*24 Truss Plate Base


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