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Remote Control for ADJ Light Fixtures, Including Mega Bar RGBA, WiFLY Par QA5, WiFLY Bar QA5, WiFLY Bar RGBA, Mega Go Flood Par, Mega Par Profile System, and Jelly Par Profile System

Maximum Control Over Your Lights

Get the ADJ RFC wireless remote for maximum control over your lighting rig. Turn your lights on and off, make them run through built-in programs, trigger sound active mode, and more, all from the handy ADJ RFC. You can even adjust RGB colors from the remote, making it easy to fine-tune your lighting rig quickly. If you’ve got a rig full of ADJ lights (and you should!), you’ll definitely appreciate the ADJ RFC remote control.

ADJ RFC Remote Control is compatible with these fixtures:

  • Mega Bar RGBA
  • WiFLY Par QA5
  • WiFLY Bar QA5
  • WiFLY Bar RGBA
  • Mega Go Flood Par
  • Jelly Par Profile System

ADJ RFC Remote Control Features:

  • Handy remote control for ADJ lights
  • Provides easy access to your lights’ built-in programs
  • Easily adjust RGB colors right from the remote’s +/- buttons

Your lighting rig is easier to work with when you have the ADJ RFC!

Tech Specs

  • Manufacturer Part Number: RFR044