AKAI APC Key 25 25-Key MIDI Controller for Ableton Live



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AKAI APC Key 25 25-Key MIDI Controller for Ableton Live

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Designed for the performing musician or the conventional composer, APC Key 25 is the first Ableton Live controller from AKAI Professional that is equipped with a high-performance keyboard. Uniting the power of a clip-launching panel with a keyboard interface, APC Key 25 couples real-time control of Ableton Live with traditional composition tools.

25 synth-action min keys along with octave expansion and sustain capabilities give you a palette on which to create melodies, compose bass lines, and play chords, enabling you to tap into the full melodic range and perform with classic piano-style sustain. APC Key 25 features a 5×8 multicolor clip-launching grid that’s built for dexterous exploration. Launch clips, play virtual instruments, control plugins, and create your song from the ground up using 40 responsive triggers. Thanks to tri-color lighting that provides visual feedback and displays three clip statuses—loaded, playing, and recording, you won’t need to monitor your computer during performance. Plus, you can use the Shift button and directional arrows to manipulate the scope of the 5×8 grid.

The APC Key 25 comes pre-mapped to Ableton Live so you can simply plug it into your computer and it will intuitively respond to Ableton live’s interface, which means you can begin creating immediately. The controls can, of course, be re-assigned to fit your personal performance needs and style.

You’ll receive the Key 25 pre-loaded with Ableton Live, Hybrid 3 high-def synth, and SONiVOX Twist morphing synth so you can compose, record, remix, improvise and edit in the audio/MIDI environment right out-of-the-box. You can also use APC Key 25 to control other software applications like virtual instruments, plugins, and DAWs. Don’t let the small footprint fool you, the APC Key 25 is a powerful performance, creation and production tool.

AKAI APC Key 25 Features:

  • Ableton Live controller with built-in performance keyboard
  • Seamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton Live
  • Clip-launch matrix with tri-color lighting displays current clip status
  • 25 synth-action mini keys
  • 8 assignable knobs map to Ableton Live and control volume, sends, and more
  • Shift button and directional arrows manipulate the scope of the grid
  • Dedicated Octave Up, Octave Down, and Sustain buttons
  • USB-powered and plug-and-play setup for Mac and PC
  • Production package included: Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3 by AIR MusicTech, SONiVOX Twist, and Toolroom artist launch packs (downloads)

AKAI APC Key 25 Specifications:

  • Macintosh: Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 orWindows 8; multicore processor; 2 GB RAM; Windows compatible sound card (ASIO driver support recommended), QuickTime recommended
  • Available USB Port

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