Akai Professional APC40 MKII Ableton Live Controller



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Akai Professional APC40 MKII Ableton Live Controller

Incredibly intuitive, hands-on control of Ableton Live.

APC40 mkII features a 5×8 RGB clip-launching grid that’s built for dexterous exploration: launch clips and create or perform your song from the ground up using 40 responsive triggers. RGB lighting provides visual feedback and displays three clip statuses—loaded, playing, and recording—so you can intelligently perform without looking at your computer. You can also color code your clips with the RGB lighting for advanced visual organization, and use the Shift button and directional arrows to manipulate the scope of the 5×8 grid. APC40 mkII comes equipped with an array of assignable faders and knobs: nine reinforced faders and eight channel control knobs are arranged in-line with each channel for an intuitive layout and smarter workflow. Eight Device Control knobs make it easy to tweak device parameters and light up to provide visual feedback of each parameter. In addition, the Sends button enable users to cycle through all eight send buses right from their APC40 mkII. The A/B crossfader has also been reworked and can be assigned and re-assigned without ever having to touch the mouse. APC40 mkII comes pre-mapped to Live (version 9.1.3 or later) for an instant performance and production setup, and includes a music production suite that includes a version of Ableton Live, two high-definition virtual synths, and 5GB of professional samples and loops for immediate out-of-the-box music creation.


  • Provides hands-on control of Ableton Live
  • 5×8 clip-launch matrix with RGB feedback for clip status and color coding
  • USB-powered plug-and-play connectivity for Mac/PC
  • Assignable A/B crossfader for dynamic mixing on the fly
  • Revised knob layout with in-line controls for streamlined workflow


  • Macintosh: Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7,10.8, or 10.9
  • PC: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows8; multicore processor; 2 GB RAM; Windows compatible sound card (ASIO driver support recommended), QuickTime recommended
  • Available USB Port
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