Cloud 3000 Professional Low-lying Fog Machine AUVI PROD



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Low-lying Fog, without Dry Ice

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Cloud 3000 Professional Low-lying Fog Machine AUVI PROD

Ditch the dry ice and still get the beautiful, billowing ground fog you need with the AUVI PROD Cloud 3000 Professional Low-lying Fog Machine. It’s an ideal choice for theatrical applications and live music, allowing you to create an atmosphere of misty mystery or ethereal excitement. The way the  CLOUD 3000 works is particularly unique. Instead of dry ice, it uses an ultrasonic vibrator to turn distilled water into thin yet heavy mist. Combined with the lightweight fog produced by standard water-based fog fluid, the result is a dense fog that hovers close to the floor.  It comes built into a rolling road case, so setup is fast and easy. Second, it takes almost no time to heat up and can run continuously. Add to that the CLOUD 3000 Is easy control via 2-channel DMX, and you couldn’t ask for a better professional-grade ground fogger.

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 12 × 16 in
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