D.A.S Audio DAS-AXC-ZT-1 AXS to Pole Adapter



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D.A.S Audio DAS-AXC-ZT-1 AXS to Pole Adapter

The D.A.S Audio DAS-AXC-ZT-1 is an adapter designed for secure mounting of a line array to a pole for system installers and audio engineers in concert venues, theaters, and conference spaces. Secure it to a pole using the easy-to-use tightening mechanism. Pre-cut slots allow you to attach an AXS line array stacking bracket.

DAS-AXC-ZT-1 Key Features

  • Ideal for mounting a line array stacking bracket on a pole or speaker stand
  • Pre-cut slots for compatibility with AXS mounting brackets
  • Tightening mechanism utilizes a bolt with a large triangular top for easy handling
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