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E 110 SUB AS

The E 110 Sub AS is remarkably compact and light, yet its two onboard 600-watt power amps deliver twice the performance of the E 110 Sub A. And that makes this subwoofer the perfect choice if you wish to flexibly extend an ELEMENTS PA system. With the E 110 Sub AS you can run up an additional E 110 Sub and up to two E 835 mid / high units for a total of 16 broandband speakers.

  • subwoofer with two 600-watt amplifiers
  • may be extended flexibly to configure larger PAs
  • compact, lightweight and powerful
  • up to four E 435 / two E 835 line sources and a passive E Sub 110 subwoofer my be connected in parallel
  • four filters (variable to match the number of stacked mid/high line sources)
  • two E-Connect couplers with an integrated signal bus


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