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LINEAR 7 118 Sub A – Active 18″ subwoofer

The LINEAR 7 118 Sub A subwoofer is a true powerhouse. Its direct-radiating bass-reflex construction allows for compact dimensions, and weighing in at just 42 kilograms, it is extremely easy to transport. A powerful punch, precise playback and impressive low frequency performance make this active bass the ideal complement to the LINEAR 7 satellites.

What’s more, it meets all the requirements for quickly and easily implementing effective cardioid setups, both mechanically and with the available filter sets. Thanks to its stereo preamplifier, it is also ideal for use in 2.1 systems.

  • 18-inch subwoofer
  • Effective maximum sound pressure level thanks to high-performance loudspeakers, drivers and muscular 2000 watts Pascal Class-D amplifiers
  • Practical and highly efficient cardioid setup options for effectively reducing bass levels behind the PA
  • State-of-the-art DSP platform with integrated fully parametric 10-band EQ, delay and limiting for uncompromised individual configuration
  • Latest networking technology to control Theo DSP of every LINEAR 7 cabinet from that one central FOH spot
  • Additional DSP-Out with the full range of features of the powerful DSP that lets you operate a non-network-compatible active speaker
  • Stereo preamplifier for use as centre sub or in 2.1 setup
  • Direct access to easily selectable cardioid presets on the speaker, even in a non-network setup
  • High resolution 96 kHz AD/DA converters, FIR-filtering, low latency
  • Extremely compact and light cabinet made of birch multiplex
  • Professional powerCON and etherCON connections

Cardioid pattern for real-world applications

While midrange and high frequencies are naturally more directional, low frequencies tend to radiate in all directions. Excessive bass levels can be quite the problem on and behind the stage. The more serious issue, though, is that promoters are increasingly making demands to limit the sound distribution range. And there is no alternative to cardioid technology when it comes to meeting specifications for low-range frequencies. With its hardware appointments and filter sets, the 18” LINEAR 7 subwoofer provides a fast, easy way to configure effective cardioid setups.


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