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When you need a broad frequency spectrum with powerful lows to pump up grooves, the Thump15A with 1300 watts of power and a high-output 15″ woofer and 1.4″ titanium-dome tweeter is the best sonic tool for the gig. It’s called “Thump” for a reason; it’s amplifier design with Dynamic Bass Response delivers low frequencies that will pound into your chest.

The built-in 2-channel mixer boasts two Vita preamps, Wide-Z mic/line jacks, and four speaker modes (music, live, monitor, sub), meaning it can handle just about any live-sound application you throw its way. You’ll be surprised how a speaker packing so much in a rugged enclosure can also be so lightweight, and its four handles make it a breeze to haul from gig to gig.

If you need a versatile, portable speaker that can supply powerful bass tones, look no further than the Mackie Thump15A!


  • Amplifier design delivers Dynamic Bass Response technology
  • Built-in 2-channel mixer with Vita preamps and Wide-Z technology to handle any signal
  • Four application-specific speaker modes for instant system optimization
  • Precision digital crossover
  • Dual-angle design works for use as main or monitor speaker
  • Next-generation system protection and thermal limiting keep your system safe
  • Universal power supply (100-240VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power
  • Flexible mounting options including tripod and pole-mounting as well as use as stage wedge
  • Enclosure and handles designed for heavy use and easy travel


  • Acoustic Performance:
    • Frequency Range (-10 dB): 32 Hz – 23 kHz
    • Frequency Range (-3 dB): 39 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Horizontal Coverage Angle: 90°
    • Vertical Coverage Angle: 60°
    • Maximum SPL Peak: 127 dB
    • Monitor Angle: 45°
  • Transducers:
    • Low Frequency: 15″ with ferrite
    • High Frequency: 1.4″ titanium dome compression driver
  • Power Amplifiers:
    • Low Frequency Power Amplifier:
      • Rated Power: 1000 W peak
      • Rated THD: < 1%
      • Cooling: Convection
      • Design: Class D
    • High Frequency Power Amplifier:
      • Rated Power: 300 W peak
      • Rated THD: < 1%
      • Cooling: Convection
      • Design: Class AB
    • System Rated Power: 1300 W peak
  • Input/Output:
    • Input Type: 2 x female XLR balanced, 1/4″ unbalanced
    • Mic-Line Impedance: 8 kΩ balanced
    • 1/4″ TS, Wide-Z Impedance: 1 MΩ unbalanced
    • Mix Out: male XLR balanced
    • Mix Out Impedance: 600 Ω balanced
    • Main Control: Rotating knob, 0 dB at fully clockwise
    • Sensitivity: +4 dBu for full output (main control at 12:00 / channel at 12:00)
  • Electronic Crossover:
    • Crossover Type: 24 dB/oct.
    • Crossover Frequency: 2 kHz
  • Line Input Power:
    • Detachable Line Cord: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 75 W
    • AC Connector: 3-pin IEC 250 VAC, 10 A male
    • Power Supply Type: Switchmode
  • Safety Features:
    • Input Protection: Peak and RMS limiting, power supply and amplifier thermal protection
    • Display LEDs: Defeatable front power, input signal/OL, speaker mode, system limiter
  • Construction Features:
    • Basic Design: Trapezoidal
    • Material: Polypropylene
    • Finish: Black, texturized finished
    • Handles: One per side, one each on top and bottom
    • Grille: Perforated metal with weather-resistant coating
    • Display LEDs:
      • Front: Power ON
      • Rear: Limit
    • Operating Temperature: 32-104°F
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 27.0″ x 17.4″ x 14.0″
  • Weight: 34.8 lbs.

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Weight 34.8 lbs
Dimensions 17.4 × 14 × 27 in