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MPK Mini Plus 37 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Akai Professional MPK mini keyboard line revolutionized portable musicmaking for producers and beatmakers. The new MPK mini plus empowers musicians with full creative control that delivers ultimate feel and expression, along with next-generation performance tools. Advanced connectivity easily and fully unites all your favorite studio devices for complete and expanded hardware integration in a compact three-octave design.

Full Portable Creative Control

While maintaining its compact footprint, MPK mini plus offers extensive controls providing deep command over a wide range of features. Eight velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC drum pads are the backbone for not only playing dynamic beats and programming drums, but for also assigning program changes and triggering additional CC parameters. Dial in effects with the eight assignable 360-rotary knobs for every function including filters, automation, pan controls and more. For the first time on any MPK mini, enjoy dedicated Transport controls for total integration into your DAW. Eliminate needless back-and-forth from your QWERTY keyboard or mouse and stay engaged in the creative workflow with dedicated Play, Stop, Record, Loop and Locator buttons.

Ultimate Feel and Expression

As with all MPK mini controllers, performance starts with the keys. MPK mini plus features 37 keys with the Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed for expanded melodic and harmonic creation. Three full octaves mean more room for two-handed chords, arpeggiation, as well as laying down solos or soundscapes. The Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed features incredibly playable keys with a wider velocity range, delivering a world-class level of note dynamics and response. With more keys, your music will need new ways to add feel and expression, so the MPK mini Plus adds dedicated Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel controllers to help all keyboard performances truly come alive. Alongside the iconic Joystick Controller, there’s no shortage of tactile interaction for near limitless expression.

Advanced Connectivity and Standalone Operation

For those spontaneous creative moments or quick jams sessions, MPK mini plus can operate with standalone functionality. The new polyphonic step sequencer is convenient for capturing new ideas on the fly. Record notes and drum patterns simultaneously for some serious standalone music creation. Connect to any class-compliant USB or 5-pin MIDI device and use the CV/Gate connectors to plug into your rack and other modular synths. The MPK Mini plus is versatile enough for the serious beginner looking to grow their creative space, and also for those seasoned pros who want to get the most out of their studio gear.

Includes MPC Beats DAW for Mac and PC

The bundled MPC Beats software DAW for Mac and PC offers the iconic MPC workflow right on a desktop or laptop computer, and also includes thousands of sounds, drum samples, loops and plug-in instruments to create your next hit song. With more keys on the 37-note Gen 2 Keybed, MPC plug-in instruments like Electric and Tubesynth will come alive with extended sonic range. Set the MPK mini plus on a desktop and connect with standalone MPC devices to control Mellotron and Hype plug-ins. Even with three octaves, MPK Mini Plus will fit in your gig bag to easily transport alongside everyday music production items. It’s simple math—adding MPK mini plus to any workflow equals expressive creativity and intuitive control for modern music creation and beat making.


MPK Mini Plus 37 MIDI Keyboard Controller Features:

  • 37-key Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed
  • Transport controls
  • Assignable joystick for dynamic MIDI control
  • Eight RGB-backlit drum pads
  • Pitch bend and mod wheels
  • Onboard step sequencer
  • CV/gate I/O
  • 5-pin MIDI I/O

Tech Specifications:

  • Type: MIDI keyboard
  • Keys: 37
  • Octaves: 3
  • RGB-backlit drum pads: 8
  • Pitch bend and mod wheels: yes
  • Step sequencer: Yes
  • CV/gate I/O: Yes
  • MIDI I/O: 5-pin
  • Included software: MPC Beats (for Mac and PC)
  • Power: USB Powered
  • Dimensions: 17.76″ x 7.08″ x 2.04″ (45.11cm x 18.0cm x 5.2cm)
  • Weight: 2.78 lbs. (1.26kg)
  • Keys: 37 synth keys
Weight 2.78 lbs
Dimensions 17.76 × 7.08 × 2.04 in


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