ProX XC-PWC14-DXLR50 Combo Link Jumper Cable

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ProX XC-PWC14-DXLR50 Combo Link Jumper Cable

The ProX XC-PWC14-DXLR50 is a 50-foot dual 14AWG Powerkon to Dual XLR Combo Link Jumper Cable that provides an optimal solution for minimizing the running of cables from power and XLR audio to desired sources. This cable enables users to save valuable time, as it is designed for convenient pairing, and eliminates the need for messy cables, particularly when multiple XLR and power sources are required. Each connecting side boasts two PowerKon connectors and two XLR connectors for seamless integration into a variety of professional audio setups.


ProX XC-PWC14-DXLR50 Features:

  • 14AWG PowerKon + XLR 20 AWG Oxygen-Free (OFC) Conductors
  • Black PVC Jacket for durability, flexibility, and low visibility on stage
  • Cotton plus a tinned copper braid shield (85% coverage)
  • Compact cable diameter to decrease eddy currents
  • Polyethylene inner jacket
  • Duofoil® (100% coverage)


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$379.99 Original price was: $379.99.$189.99Current price is: $189.99.
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