Talent K9-Mini TRS Cat 5 Audio Snake



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Talent K9-Mini TRS Cat 5 Audio Snake

The Talent K9-Mini TRS Cat 5 Audio Snake allows you to consolidate up to four channels into a single CAT5 ethernet cable. This saves money and reduces clutter, allowing you to run cables more efficiently and quickly set up your show. The K9 Series is compatible with digital and analog signals, as well as DMX lighting control signals. Available at FM Electronics.

Talent K9 Features:

  • Keep your cables tidy and organized by reducing the number of cables used
  • Connect up to 4 TRS cables for maximum convenience
  • Easily connect an Ethercon CAT5 or greater cable for maximum durability
  • Perfect for easy setup and tear down on stage
  • Able to send a signal up to 325 feet for ultimate flexibility
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