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The TB-45N is a tilt bracket equipped with quick-release pins. It serves to mount speaker cabinets to trusses, ceilings, wall brackets, beams and on stands. Compatible with the F versions of LINEAR 3, LINEAR 5 and LINEAR 7 series speakers, it provides a flexible means of aligning these speakers vertically and horizontally. The quick-release pins enable fast installation.

The TB-45NQ has a WLL of 70 kg and a safety factor of 5. In regions subject to German DGUV-V 17 rules, the maximum load-bearing capacity is therefore 35 kg.

– Universal tilt bracket
– For mounting speakers to trusses, ceilings, wall brackets, beams and on stands
– Made of high-tensile steel
– Anti-corrosive coating
– Width is adjustable without tools
– Weight: 3.9 kg
– WLL: 70 kg / max. load-bearing capacity according to DGUV-V 17: 35 kg
– Comes in a set of two TB-45NQs

Compatible with:
LINEAR 3: L3 112 FA, L3 115 FA
LINEAR 5: L5 112 F, L5 112 FA, L5 115 F, L5 115 FA, L5 LTS, L5 LTS A
LINEAR 7: L7 112 FA, L7 115 FA


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