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Turbina para AUVI Spark

                                                               Turbina para AUVI Spark

Esta Turbina esta creada para AUVI Sparks Cold Spark Effect Machine, que es conocida por sus efectos que le suman magia a cualquier evento o fiesta.

The AUVI Spark, a cutting-edge vertical sparks machine, offers versatility as it can be seamlessly controlled by any DMX-capable firing system. This innovative device is specifically designed for creating captivating indoor displays, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of events, including parties and holiday celebrations.

While traditional fireworks displays have always been a popular choice for entertainment, the AUVI Cold Spark (simulated sparkler fountain) machine from AUVI PROD takes event experiences to the next level. Unlike standard fireworks, this advanced machine allows you to synchronize the show with music, enhancing the overall spectacle and creating a truly immersive display that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Holiday celebrations
Parties of all types
Business launches
Weddings & Reception
Indoor concerts.


AUVI Cold Spark Machine Remote Control

AUVI PRO Cold Spark Machine – Set of 4 With Flight Case

lAUVI PRO Cold Spark Machine – Set of 4 With Flight Case


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