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A streamlined high-quality audio interface, the 2-input 4-output ART USBII is capable of sample rates up to 192kHz through 32-bit audio converters. The same quality conversion is available over the USB connection on the digital to analog side. To take full advantage of this pristine conversion, ART installed custom transformers to isolate and remove ground loops and electronic system noise.

Instrument and mic level inputs on the front panel, feed a pair of low-noise discrete component preamps that accurately capture the sonic character of the input. With phantom power available at the push of a button, you can feel free to use your prized condenser mics. The USBII also supports MIDI input and output for added flexibility, so grab your MIDI controllers, percussion pads, and keyboards

Separate control room and headphone levels are located on the front panel with the phone output, while the main outs are on the back. The USBII also supplies zero-latency monitoring at the push of a button with an integrated input monitor switch for smooth tracking.

USBII, the quality you want, the features you need.


  • High Quality 32 bit A / D to D / A convertors
  • Sample rates from 44.1k to 192kHz
  • Low latency ASIO and WDM driver
  • Transformer isolated outputs
  • Front panel input monitoring switch
  • Low noise discrete mic preamps
  • High Z instrument inputs
  • Zero latency monitoring
  • Front panel headphone output
  • MIDI input / MIDI output


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