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VPX video processor 4k


The VPX Video Processor 4k is a high-performance video processor by Listen Vision. It has 8

input interfaces including 1*DVI, 2*HDMI, 1*DP, 1*VGA, 1*Audio, and

2*USB/SDI (optional) and 3 output interfaces including 2*DVI, 1*DVI

backup, 1*Audio. It also features in playing four images simultaneously,

2*SDI inputs (extended).


The VXP Video Processor 4K series, focus on high performance, support RGBCMY

color calibration and to rotate images at 90°, 180°,270° or mirror horizontally/

vertically and support sRGB/Adobe RGB/BT709/DCI_P3/BT2020/DICOM

color space etc.


4K VPX for impressive visual experience

With full 4K input and output connectors and SDR to HDR converting capability, the HDR Master 4K enables a wider
color gamut, larger dynamic range and deeper color depth, thus displaying more details of the bright and dark areas
of an image and giving you a super clear and immersive visual experience. Furthermore, the unit empowers free
converting between SDT and HDR10/HLG, perfectly solving the problem of the absence of an HDR source


With the option To use until 3 sending cards with VXP1000, first we will understand the Outputs of

VXP1000 video processor.

There are total 3 output DVI 1- A, DVI 1- B and DVI 2.


Include 1 MCTRL300 LED display controller developed by NovaStar.


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