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AUVI Power Bar Link

The AUVI POWER BAR LINK is a tool for any dj, live band, stage or installation that works and helps to facilitate the power of electronic devices. It incorporates 6 AC power sockets, a locking powerCON IN  and a powerCON out  through connection to link multiple POW-R BAR LINK units.
The Power Bar by AUVI PRO is the best choice for lights, speakers or any stage application.
AC Powercon Box Bar 20A 125V
Loaded with
*6 Edison U-Ground Socket
*Powercon input
*Power Indicator
*20A Breaker

Loaded With Blue PowerCon In and Grey PowerCon out

This Item Is Not Wired, And We Do Not Offer Them Wired.  This Is For the DIY Types That Can Would Like To Save 40 Or 50 Dollars By Wiring The Box Themselves.
Size 13*2.2*.2 Inch
Weight 2.3 lbs






Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 5 × 4 in
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