AUVI SQ Infinity Wash light Pair + Dual Case



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AUVI SQ Infinity Wash light Pair + Dual Case


The brand new AUVI SQ Infinity Wash light offers an ideal solution when it comes to creating captivating backgrounds for various stage settings. Its exceptional attributes, such as its ability to achieve infinite pan and tilt movements, pixel mapping capabilities, and the convenience of built-in letters and numbers, make it an indispensable tool for enhancing the visual aesthetics of any performance space. With its impressive 4-degree beam angle, AUVI SQ Infinity Wash light empowers you to inject dynamic energy into your stage backdrop, ensuring that it not only captures the audience’s attention but also elevates the overall appeal of the stage, making it a more captivating, intriguing, and visually stunning experience.

1. 25x15w RGBW LEDs
2. Narrow Beam Angle 4 degree
3. Pixel mapping, each LED can be controller individually
4. infinity Pan and Tilt
5. Built-in Letters(A-Z) and Numbers(0-9)

25x15W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs
100,000 Hour Average LED Life*

77,344 LUX 7,185 FC @3.3’ (1m)
70,370 LUX 6,537 FC @6.6’ (2m)
54,413 LUX 5,055 FC @9.8’ (3m)
40,505 LUX 3,763 FC @13.1’ (4m)
29,722 LUX 2,761 FC @16.4’ (5m)

Individual Pixel Control
Strobe and Selectable Dimming Curves


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