AV-LX4 Laser 4 Watts RGB Multicolor AUVI Lights

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The Laser 4W RGB Multicolor AUVI Lights  is the next-generation professional multicolor laser system. The AV-LX4 model was designed to seamlessly transition from creating thick, high-impact beam shows one night to projecting crisp graphics the next. As X-Laser’s take on the multitool, the AV-LX4 seamlessly blends efficient power with a solid, compact fixture to create a perfect option for rental and install applications. With its sealed optics that help reduce maintenance intervals, deep DMX control and smart diode technology, the AV-LX4 is perfect for creating awesome effects for shows up to 2,000 guests.
Description: AV-LX4 Laser 4 Watts RGB Multicolor AUVI Lights
Laser power: Red: 2000mW, Green: 500mW, Blue: 1500mW 450nm, blended white: 4000mW
Scanner: 20kpss
Feature Animation laser with high-speed optical scanner to create animated graphics, 256 beam show and graphics show patterns, and with the function of unique blanking, frequently flashing, rotating, movement, billowing, zoom (+/-), drawing and speed etc.
◆Scanner 10kpss High-speed optical scanner, big angle scanning (0 to 30°)
◆Play Mode Sound Active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO-Animation, DMX,  Master/ Slave, PC Control
◆DMX channel: 12
◆PC Control Compatible ILDA laser show software with ILDA interface. Use electronic switches to conversion full ILDA signal
◆Power Supply Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ,
◆Net Weight 6.5Kg
Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 12 in


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