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ADJ’s Haze-GAL Liquid: One gallon of oil-based fluid for heaterless Haze Generator or Entour Haze Pro. Create stage or dance floor fog mist.

Create Enveloping Fog Atmospheres: When coupled with ADJ Products Fog Machines, this top-tier fog juice brings to life rooms with enveloping clouds of thick billowing fog. Perfectly suited for parties, dance floors, stage effects, and special occasions, it adds an extraordinary touch to your events.

Safety, Purity, and Effectiveness Ensured: Eco Fog Juice, crafted from water-based pharmaceutical-grade components, guarantees a safe, playful environment for dancing and merriment. Its appeal spans all ages, ensuring an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Elevate Your Lighting Presentation: Introducing fog into your space accentuates and amplifies your lighting concepts, particularly laser lights. Showcase your dazzling performance and create an unforgettable spectacle that lingers in memory.

Generous 4-Liter Jug: Bid farewell to fog juice shortages with the convenience of this capacious 4-liter jug. Effortlessly generate fog for extended periods without the need for multiple containers. Simplify your logistics, save time, and cut costs by opting for the enduring solution.

Unleash Professional-Grade Excellence: For optimal results from your fog machine, rely on the prowess of ADJ F4L Premium Fog Juice. It embodies professional quality, guaranteeing swift and efficient fog generation. Elevate your fog effects and immerse your environment in an ambiance of awe.

Experience the synergy of cutting-edge technology and artistic flair with ADJ F4L Premium Fog Juice. Elevate your events, enhance your lighting, and make a lasting impact with fog effects that redefine entertainment.

Haze-GAL Haze Juice


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