Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones (Black)



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Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones (Black)

The first DJ headphones in the world to reproduce frequencies from 5Hz–40kHz, the HDJ-X10 pro-grade headphones give you the ability to stay on top of your game, even in demanding, loud environments such as clubs and large festival stages. The Pioneer HDJ-X10s deliver high-resolution sound at frequencies other DJ headphones can’t reproduce, so you can keep your mixes on point and hear every nuance of your music. The result is a pair of headphones unlike any other, that let you make a deeper connection to your music than you’ve experienced before.

Pioneer designed their flagship HDJ-X10 headphones with input from professional DJs.
The polyurethane leather ear pads and headband cushion feature nano coating, making them easy to wipe clean of dirt, sweat and grime. This special coating also makes the HDJ-X10’s pads and headband resistant to deterioration.

The HDJ-X headphones are designed to be flexible. Their swivel mechanism allows you to wear them comfortably, whichever way you prefer, for long periods of time. No need to worry about bumps and knocks during transport as these DJ headphones can handle severe conditions and heavy use.


  • Professional over-ear, closed-back DJ headphones
  • Rugged design with swiveling ear cups
  • Frequency range 5Hz–40kHz
  • Comfortable polyurethane leather ear pads
  • Detachable cables and convenient carrying case


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