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ProX T-C4 Clamp

The ProX T-C4 is an Aluminum Pro Clamp with Big Wing Fits 2″ Truss and 2″ Width Aluminum Pro Clamp with Big Wing Holds: 1100 lbs.

Introducing the ProX T-C4H Aluminum Pro Clamp with Big Wing, specially crafted for 2″ Truss Tube with an impressive weight capacity of 1,102 lbs. As a prominent player in the entertainment industry, C-Style truss clamps serve as a critical connection point between equipment and truss structures. Aptly named for their distinctive “O” shape, these clamps effortlessly envelop truss piping, providing unparalleled convenience.

Within the entertainment realm, aluminum truss clamps are highly favored for suspending lighting fixtures and other equipment from truss systems. Our clamps are meticulously engineered from the highest-grade AI 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, ensuring both lightweight properties and unwavering durability.

Tailor-made for compatibility with a wide range of truss systems, this O-clamp boasts an ingenious design constructed from top-notch aluminum alloy. Its lightweight construction facilitates swift and effortless mounting onto the truss, held securely in place with a bolt and wing nut mechanism. Furthermore, the ample surface area of the clamp expertly distributes weight, significantly mitigating the potential for truss or equipment damage during suspension.

Elevate your truss setup with the ProX T-C4H Aluminum Pro Clamp – a testament to quality, innovation, and reliability, empowering you to shine bright in the world of entertainment production.

ProX T-C4 Features:

  • Standard 2″ Size Truss Configurations
  • Heavy Duty Clamp For 2″ (50mm) Tubing
  • Big Wing Nut for ease of use
  • Minimum Tubing Diameter 1.9″ (48mm)
  • Maximum Tubing Diameter 2.008″ (51mm)
  • Max Load Capacity 1100 lbs (500 kgs)
  • M10 Bolt


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