ProX XT-CDF12 Dual Clamping & Folding Plate for Moving Heads



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Dual Clamping & Folding Plate for Moving Heads

The ProX XT-CDF12 Dual Clamping & Folding Plate is a unique way to both mount your moving heads to trussing or single tubes, but also to speed up the setup of lighting by being able to fold them away and put the moving heads into a flight case without removing the clamps.   The Foldaway Double Clamp mount is based around the design of our T-C12H Easy Self Lock Clamp.   The XT-CDF12 has one fixed direction clamp and one rotatable clamp for easy and secure mounting and are both attached to the heavy-duty steel mounting plate.

The plate is designed with multiple holes for mounting to just about any brand or type of light or other equipment.    Design Copyright © 2019 ProX Live Performance Gear®  Patent Applied For.

The Foldaway Double Clamp Mount fills a missing gap in the mounting, storage and transport of moving-head lights and similarly mounted fixtures. Riggers, Lighting Designers, Production Companies, disc jockeys and others that use moving head fixtures. Traditionally, the fixtures are placed in cases but need the mounting clamps removed in order to close the tops of the road cases. The Foldaway Double Clamp Mount does not require removal from the light fixture to fit in standard moving head flight cases. This will speed up the teardown and setup of lighting.

The black powder-coated mounting plate is drilled for 115mm X 105-115mm, 155mm X 115mm, 90mm X 80mm and more.   The big wing nuts have both flat & lock washers and the clamps are designed to stay open using the captive coil spring.   In the open and flat position, they interlock on the mounting plate for compact transport.   The entire assembly takes up approximately 1 1/4″ (32mm) in the folded position.   The strong mounting assembly will hold even the heaviest professional lights.

Folding Clamp Features

  • For use with 2″ – 50mm Truss Tubes or Pipe
  • Heavy-Duty Aluminum Clamps
  • Exclusive ProX Design ©2019 – Patent Applied For
  • Black Powder-Coated Mounting Plate
  • TÜV Certified Welding & Construction
  • Manufactured to Exacting Specifications in our Own Factory!

TÜV Certified Welding TÜV Rheinland® is a 3rd Party Certification Body and a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).  TÜV provides inspections, testing, certification & training, with the ultimate objectives of reliability, safety & high quality.

ProX XT-CDF12 Dual Clamping & Folding Plate utilize industry standard dimensions to be compatible to connect to, and work with, many other manufacturers F31/F32/F34 trussing products with conical connectors.

To Fit

A variety of Moving Head Lighting and other equipment that mounts on trussing or single tubes.

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