QSC KS118CV Heavy Duty Cover Bag



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QSC KS118 Heavy Duty Cover Bag

Water-resistant Protection for Your QSC KS118 speaker

This Cover is for a Single unit QSC KS118

The AVP-QSCKS118 speaker cover bag for QSC KS118. Made from durable, water-resistant polyester, the AVP-QSCKS118 interior is lined with soft, protective padding to safeguard your valuable speaker. Handle holes on the top of the AUVI-KS118CV align with your speaker’s built-in handles, making it a breeze to carry. At FM Electronics, we’ve found the AVP-QSCKS118 to be a great fit for QSC KS118

Speaker Cover Features at:

  • Never More Remover each event, you can keep all time.
  • Durable, water-resistant polyester construction
  • Padded interior with soft lining safeguards your speaker
  • Handle holes align with your speaker’s built-in handles for easy transport

Take your speaker on the road with the AVP-QSCKS118 speaker cover!


MADE By AUVI Products.