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800W High-output Low-lying Fog Machine with 5.5-pound Ice Reservoir, DMX Control, and Wired Timer Remote

Chill Your Shows with Low-lying Fog

What do you get when you combine ice with Kool Fog juice? ADJ’s Entour Chill serves up lush and atmospheric, continuous low-lying fog, similar to dry ice. Even chiller, Entour Chill makes this coveted effect super easy to pull off. Say goodbye to expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units, and dry ice. All you have to do is add regular water-based fog fluid and some ice cubes, and you have the low-lying fog effect Sweetwater lighting techs love. Building on the success of ADJ’s wildly popular Mister Kool low-foggers, Entour Chill brings advanced fog technology to ADJ’s Entour range of professional DMX-controlled FX generators, allowing for higher output and denser fog that covers larger areas. The ADJ Entour Chill is equipped with one DMX channel and comes with a wired timer remote.

Advanced fog technology

The Entour Chill’s 800W heater system delivers continuous output for up to an hour, while its high-tech electronic temperature control heats the unit up in three minutes and remains at optimal temperature, ready for immediate deployment when the effect it is desired. An LED heating indicator always keeps you status-savvy, with Red indicating Heating; Green, Ready to use; and Flashing, letting you know that fog fluid tank is low. Featuring a 16-character LCD display with a clear, easy-to-read menu system, the Entour Chill is effortless to setup for remote or DMX control, timed intermittent operation, or immediate continuous output. With its road-ready, fire-resistant plastic case, the Entour Chill is perfect for theatrical productions and concert tours as well as event and mobile entertainment companies.

ADJ Entour Chil 800W Low-Lying Fog Machine Features:

  • 800W low-lying fog stays low to the ground, similar to dry ice effect
  • High-tech heater system for continuous output with no additional warm-up time
  • Road-ready, fire-resistant plastic case
  • Uses standard water-based fog juice and ice cubes
  • For optimized output and denser fog, ADJ Kool Fog juice recommend
  • Continuous output for up to one hour
  • Ice tank capacity: 5.5 pounds; Fog Fluid tank: 1-liter internal tank
  • Eliminated the need for expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units or dry ice
  • Advanced electronic temperature control heats up in 3 minutes and stays heated
  • LED heating indicator: Red = Heating; Green = Ready to use; Flashing = Fog fluid tank is low
  • 1 DMX channel, 3-pin DMX I/O
  • LCD Display with 4-button system menu
  • Onboard controls: timer output, continuous output
  • Locking power connection
  • Water drainage valve system for easy clean-up
  • Includes ADJ FFFTR MKII wired timer remote

Tech Specs

  • Type: Low-lying Fog Mcahine
  • Tank Capacity: 1 liter (fog juice), 2.5 kg (ice tank)
  • DMX: 3-pin XLR In/Out
  • DMX Modes: 1 channel
  • Power Consumption: 800W
  • Power Supply: PowerCon AC
  • Height: 10.75″
  • Width: 11.69″
  • Depth: 16.5″
  • Weight: 17.25 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ENT791


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