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Wireless D-Fi Transmitter and Wi-Fi Receiver with Manual and Automatic Channel Selection, OLED Digital Display, and Unlimited Wireless Synchronization

Truly Wireless Control for Your D-Fi Fixtures

Chauvet DJ has continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible to achieve with lighting design. After the huge success of their FlareCON Air wireless DMX transmitter, the engineers at Chauvet returned to the drawing board determined to create a truly wireless DMX transmitter. Shortly afterward, FlareCON Air 2 emerged as a single unit wireless Wi-Fi receiver and wireless D-Fi transmitter. This battery-powered unit generates its own Wi-Fi network and is compatible with Android and Apple smart devices. It can control an unlimited number of D-Fi compatible fixtures and saves you from wasting time running cables. If you’re ready to take your rig to the next level, pick up a FlareCON Air 2 from Chauvet DJ.

100% wireless control with mobile devices

The FlareCON Air 2 transmitter is compatible with Apple and Android operating systems and generates its own Wi-Fi network. This allows you to control your lighting fixtures from anywhere using almost any smart device. You can use your smartphone or tablet to control an unlimited number of D-Fi enabled fixtures and receivers simultaneously. Whether you’re controlling the lights at your local venue or running the show at Coachella, the FlareCON Air 2 has your back.

Compatible with DMX controllers

Want to use your DMX controller but still go wireless? The FlareCon Air 2 can handle it. This compact transmitter is complete with a DMX adapter input. When it receives signals from the DMX controller, it sends D-Fi signals wirelessly to D-Fi compatible lights. For best results, Sweetwater recommends that you install the FlareCON Air 2 within 400 feet of your D-Fi fixtures and keep your smartphone or tablet within 200 feet of the transmitter.

Use a D-Fi Hub for greater compatibility

Have a few fixtures that aren’t D-Fi ready? No problem! If you purchase a D-Fi Hub (sold separately) you can control your DMX lights with the FlareCON Air 2. This way, you can hang on to your favorite fixtures and still go wireless. With Chauvet DJ’s commitment to making wireless technology easy and intuitive, there’s no reason to stay stuck in the past.

Chauvet DJ FlareCON Air 2 D-Fi Transmitter and Wi-Fi Receiver Features:

  • Truly wireless Wi-Fi receiver and wireless D-Fi transmitter in one single unit
  • Manual or automatic modes for easy channel selection
  • Compact design stays inconspicuous onstage
  • OLED digital display provides simple navigation and readout
  • Onboard battery lets you take your show anywhere
  • Can control an unlimited amount of D-Fi enabled products simultaneously
  • Compatible with Apple and Android smartphones or tablets
  • Built-in hook and loop fastener allows for direct mounting to truss

Tech Specs

  • Type: DMX/D-Fi Transmitter/Receiver
  • Connectivity: 1 x 5-pin to 3-pin XLR (DMX out)
  • DMX Modes: 512 channels
  • Power Source: 5V DC, 1.6A power supply (included)
  • Height: 0.9″
  • Width: 3.3″
  • Depth: 6.2″
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FLARECONAIR2


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